We are here to nourish you and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.  

Enso Wellness is a community space that is a true reflection of yoga, pilates and meditation - unifying, vibrant, conscious, healing, transformative and rooted in love.  We believe that our thoughts, words and actions have resonance far beyond ourselves and strive to bring this spirit to every level of our business and community. We manifest our vision by offering world-class experiences in yoga, pilates, mindfulness and wholesome wellness. 


We inspire people of all shapes and sizes to connect with their body like never before.

We approach health and wellness with a playfulness and even a sense of humour that encourages all personalities to the mat. 

Yoga and pilates, when put together, is really the art of waking up. Getting back to the true you. It can be that simple. It offers up a way for us to see a world that is working for you instead of against you. 

It reminds me that everything is connected so we must live, act, dance, breathe with awareness. If the journey really is the reward, then I hope you will join us. 

Our minds race full-speed day and night, endlessly in a roundabout of thoughts that never stop. 

Go deep within the layers of your mind to find and understand your own personal universe. 

Meditation is a personal experience. The experience itself cannot be taught; it happens over time and sometimes after a very, very long time. Yet, there are tools that make meditation easier to realize. We have learned meditation techniques that focus on breathing, scan the body for physical sensations,  simply observe our thoughts and attempt to neither attach nor avert from them. From our perspective, all of these techniques are valid and can be explored to see what works for you and your unique personality. 

At Enso wellness we do:

Mindfulness Meditation

White light meditation

Musical Dynamic Meditation 

Guided Meditation



We help you on your journey of pregnancy, interweaving childbirth education while addressing common aches & pains.  

Linking these postures with breathing will lead you to new discoveries, bringing awareness to the mind, body and spirit. The program is conducted within the comfort of your home and will help you strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort.

This program can also alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, back pain and sciatica. It also allows you to freely discuss any issues, from discomforts and concerns, to the wonderful new changes your body and baby are experiencing.  

Dive deeper into your personal practice with one-on-one instructions from our experienced professionals. Specific health concerns can be addressed with tailored sequences, or learn a new series of poses to elevate your practice. Either way, we will meet you where you are and challenge you to the best of your abilities. 

Our custom classes will fit your mood, your schedule and your physical needs. 

Our job is to make physical exercises & meditation work for you and your business.

We specialize in bringing on-site corporate yoga, pilates, meditation, and mindfulness classes to your office in Gurgaon & Delhi. Happy, healthy people make better employees. We make it radically convenient, accessible, and relevant to professionals. It keeps your mind and body healthy so you can do your best work. 

We typically provide 30, 45, or 60 minute classes, depending on the availability of your employees. The majority of our clients invest in one or two classes per week in order to see the lasting benefits for their people and businesses.


Plot No. C2772, Sushant lok, Gurgaon, Haryana