Our job is to make yoga, pilates & meditation work for you and your business.

We specialise in bringing on-site corporate yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes to your office in Gurgaon & Delhi. Happy, healthy people make better employees. We make exercising radically convenient, accessible, and relevant to professionals. Yoga and pilates keeps your mind and body healthy so you can do your best work.

Can't change out of your suit? No problem.

Don't have space to roll out yoga mats?  We'll use chairs.

Short on time? We get it.

We'll get you back to your desk, ready to work!

We typically provide 30, 45, or 60 minute classes, depending on the availability of your employees. The majority of our clients invest in one or two classes per week in order to see the lasting benefits for their people and businesses.


Desk + Chair:

This accessible class caters to all working professionals by using office chairs, desks, or conference rooms to incorporate non-intimidating poses and guided breathing. This therapeutic approach focuses on relieving ailments common to the office worker such as wrist strain, neck / shoulder tension, and low back discomfort.  

  • Skill level: All
  • Equipment: Office chair or desk





This class option brings a traditional yoga studio to the workplace. Expect a variety of poses, intelligently linked together by movement and breath for a more active experience. Vinyasa style yoga delivers a dynamic experience, stretching, toning, and challenging your muscles as well as calming your mind.

  • Skill level: All 

  • Equipment: Yoga Mat




Rejuvenate your mind and body with this restorative fitness class. Poses are passive, done mostly on the floor, and promote deep relaxation. Focused breathing and visualisation techniques release built up tension and stress, calm the nervous system, and prevent burn out. 

You’ll feel as if you just woke up from a great night of restful sleep.

  • Skill level: All 
  • Equipment: Yoga mat



Relaxation and Anti stress THERAPY

This program is designed for stressed out employees. It helps in minimizing absenteeism, reducing burnout, building team spirit while enhancing productivity. The benefits are immense and with our meticulously designed program which includes yoga coupled with meditation and correct breathing along with stretching of muscles with a relaxing Thai Body Massage which will provide your employees with the right tools to deal with stress not only at the workplace but also in their personal lives.

Recommendation: A 2 hour session every week for a period of 4 - 8 weeks is recommended to notice the effect of this therapy.