Be Yourself


So she asks me, "You don't look like you teach yoga & meditation?"

At first I frowned but then realized that it was a compliment.
She told me that she’d tried classes before but felt intimidated because instructors had a certain look that didn’t match hers. She
could not relate to it. She thought yogi's were different. 
She said she liked the fact that I look like a “regular person”
(her words) because that made her want to come to my class.

And if You, being so
regularly looking (Smiling), could practice it why cant I? 

I looked at my feet- pedicured & wearing transparent nail polish thought- Oops!
Weren't I suppose to put this on? Were I expected to wear some particular attire which I am not? ;-)

:-) Yoga and meditation is not being able to stand on your head or being thoughtless for hours but It's being yourself. Healthy, fit, non-judgemental. Love, embrace, and pursue those things that feed our spirits, which connects us with ourselves, gives us peace and wholeness. Those are what make us and our spirituality. Its not about clothes, it's not about how ordinary you look. It has nothing to do with your attire. You can relax on your couch and meditate.