Pregnancy and Pilates: Amazing Prenatal Exercise

When I get a call from a pregnant lady and wants to do some prenatal exercises with me, they ask me for Prenatal Yoga and I suggest that we can do a combination of prenatal yoga and Pilates. The next question comes, What is Pilates and How will it help me in pregnancy? Is it safe? Have you done it before for any pregnant ladies? And on and on... So all you my lovely people over there, Please read it carefully and understand that Pilates could be your new exercise friend forever. 

I understand you have not heard of it much and your friends or you might have done prenatal yoga before for relaxing your mind and body during pregnancy but then some say its boring too and they fall to sleep easily while doing it. So I suggest pilates because it has movement and it increases the interest of a person in the class. It keeps your mind and body connection alive.  

Yoga and Pilates offer similar benefits but Pilates is more about the core muscle strengthening which can reduce the complaints of backache during pregnancy and after giving birth. Abdominal muscles are strengthen, hence reduces the chances of flab around your belly later on. Pilates offer a customized prenatal exercises to meet individuals needs. 

The exercises are focused on the abdominals, back and pelvic floor muscles, which are very important when it comes to childbirth. Pregnancy Pilates focuses on balance, strength and coordination. It works on keeping the muscles throughout the body - upper body, lower body and abdominal area - strong, toned and connected to the core so as to reduce pregnancy aches and pains and help speed up postnatal recovery.

I offer combo of pilates and yoga to my clients as I find both of them very beneficial. But its completely upto to an individual what kind of fitness regime is she looking forward to or prefer. Since we work here more around the core muscles and alignment correction, clients who have been yoga lovers all their life prefer pilates instead of yoga later on as they feel yoga is good for stretching and flexibility but Pilates provide them strength and support in that very different period of their life and they are glad to have found pregnancy pilates in their city. 

Why not yoga and pilates together and why choose. Lets have both and lets enjoy these customized sessions at Enso Wellness studio. 



Be Yourself


So she asks me, "You don't look like you teach yoga & meditation?"

At first I frowned but then realized that it was a compliment.
She told me that she’d tried classes before but felt intimidated because instructors had a certain look that didn’t match hers. She
could not relate to it. She thought yogi's were different. 
She said she liked the fact that I look like a “regular person”
(her words) because that made her want to come to my class.

And if You, being so
regularly looking (Smiling), could practice it why cant I? 

I looked at my feet- pedicured & wearing transparent nail polish thought- Oops!
Weren't I suppose to put this on? Were I expected to wear some particular attire which I am not? ;-)

:-) Yoga and meditation is not being able to stand on your head or being thoughtless for hours but It's being yourself. Healthy, fit, non-judgemental. Love, embrace, and pursue those things that feed our spirits, which connects us with ourselves, gives us peace and wholeness. Those are what make us and our spirituality. Its not about clothes, it's not about how ordinary you look. It has nothing to do with your attire. You can relax on your couch and meditate.

Confused what to eat? Eat seasonal food & vegetables.

It must be difficult to absorb but one of the best and easiest way to keep your taste buds happy along with all the requirement of nutrients is to prefer seasonal food.

Why should one eat seasonal food?

Healthy and nutritious

Seasonal food is healthy. Grown on right time. It has all the required nutrients in it. No refrigeration, not much chemicals put- makes it safe and healthy. 

No boredom

Lots of variety. For example radish,turnips, spinach, citrus fruits etc are available in the winter and supplies all the nutrients required to our body in this season and likewise peaches, cucumber, more of greens like peas, beans etc in summers. 

Less expensive

Though everything nowadays is so expensive that we think twice before we want to buy anything but let this not affect our fruits and veggies. When produced locally in the season, it gets less expensive. Packaged food is always expensive & tasteless.

Better taste

When food is not grown locally and has been brought seal packed from somewhere and in fact grown before the time, with all those result oriented chemicals, it affects the taste. Compare the taste of freshly pasted garlic at home and garlic paste bought from a store. More the moisture is lost in our food, it looses flavor & nutritional value.